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Compounding Education 

Kidz Ec    nomy

The financial education course provider made by a teacher for teachers! Our simple and effective programs provide access to financial education courses from Year 1 (Kindergarten) to Year 6 (Grade 5) in Primary Schools.

Each course includes no prep, ready-to-teach lessons that anyone can teach with confidence and no experience in finance. Each course comes with lesson plans, presentations, activities, games, and step by step tutorials to help teachers to deliver the content, ensuring that your students receive the best education possible.

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Our  Story

Compounding Education

The Beginning of Kidz Economy


As an educator passionate about making learning both meaningful and fun, I introduced my Year 5 students to the basics of personal finance through an interactive classroom economy and behavior management system. The idea was simple yet revolutionary: to provide financial education in a way that was both engaging and informative.


The response was overwhelmingly positive. Parents and kids alike were not just participating; they were having a blast learning. This success sparked a realization: there was a dire need for a financial education curriculum that was far from the mundane norm. A curriculum that could captivate young minds, making the complex world of finance both accessible and exciting.


Determined to fill this gap, I embarked on a quest for suitable materials, only to find myself surrounded by resources that were, to put it mildly, incredibly boring and bland. That's when the lightbulb moment happened. If what I was looking for didn't exist, I would create it myself!


And so, Kidz Economy was born.

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Financial Education for Schools

Kidz Economy is always being updated with new financial education programs. These courses are designed for teachers, by teachers. No financial knowledge is needed. No prep is needed. No additional resources are needed.


We will walk you through exactly how to teach each lesson, slide by slide, and provide all the materials needed to conduct your own financial education lessons and help equip your students with valuable skills they will need for the rest of their lives. 

The courses are designed to integrate into your existing curriculum by implicitly teaching a variety of Approaches to Learning as well as Common Core Standards in each lesson. 

Kidz Economy Courses for Parents

This innovative course is designed for parents looking to teach their children financial literacy through a practical, engaging home economy system. By creating an in-house economy, children learn the value of money, work ethic, and responsible behavior in a controlled, safe environment. This course provides the strategies, tools, and resources needed to implement a comprehensive behavior and financial management system tailored to any family's needs.

Camps / CCAs

Andrew Morse

Deputy Head of Primary

 The Perse School, Singapore

"I've not yet seen anything like this in schools, and that is unfortunate. This is going to change the way that we teach our students about life and finances. "

Santiara Van Rijswijk

Year 1 Homeroom Teacher

Chatsworth International School, Singapore

"I feel like I am witnessing a new up and coming thing in the education world. It's like the tik tok version in education - This is really crazy fantastic!"

Manmohan Mall
Year 6 parent

Chatsworth International School

"It has been an awesome experience for us as parents too when the child totally unexpectedly starts talking about investment in stocks, taxes etc. Strongly urge to continue with the approach."

Daryl McGee

Deputy Head of Primary School

Castle International School, Shenzhen, China

"Our teachers feel comfortable with the lessons. There is no prep and they receive the support they need. And training! "


Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards

“Actually having fun learning about money really is cracking the code.”

Samuel Neth
Year 3 Homeroom Teacher

Saigon International School, Vietnam

"The lessons are made in such a visually appealing way, the kids were definitely into it. And they got up and moving around during lessons which was great."

Schools using Kidz Economy

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